You Have The Power To Switch Business Energy Suppliers

At Simply Business Energy we’ve always known how important it is to regularly compare energy suppliers, and that’s why we offer a unique service, allowing businesses to receive quotes for different electricity and gas tariffs. However, now the government has launched a new initiative to promote just this, called the ‘power to switch’ campaign.

What is the Power to Switch Campaign?

The Department of Energy & Climate Change has revealed that 13.5 million households are missing out on their share of £2.7 billion by remaining with their existing energy supplier. Consequently the government is encouraging homes to see if they can save by switching their provider, and it estimates that millions of homes could save recover around £200 a year, if not more.

As well as households, we know that businesses can also benefit from switching energy supplier, and, as companies typically spend more on their energy than households, the savings are likely to be even more dramatic.

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey said of the campaign:

 “When it comes to switching, the power is in people’s hands to get a better deal and save. We’ve reformed the market so that there are more suppliers, more competition, and a much faster and simpler process to switch. That means millions of people can switch supplier and save hundreds of pounds today.”

Isn’t switching energy supplier complicated?

It’s now more straightforward than ever thanks to the government’s programme of energy market reforms. It now takes only 17 days to switch energy supplier down from 5 weeks in 2014. The government has also encouraged new suppliers to enter the market, driving competition and meaning you’re now more likely to save money than ever.

Suppliers are now also obliged by Ofgem to provide customers with information about how to switch.

How can I compare business energy tariffs?

At Simply Business we provide all the information you need to compare energy tariffs from different energy suppliers on our business electricity and business gas web pages, and in our knowledge base, you’ll find lots of helpful advice about how to understand your energy bills, how to switch, and much more.

If you need any further assistance regarding your business energy, please contact us today.

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