Reducing Small Business Electricity & Gas Costs For Hair Salons

Small business electricity costs can gradually build up, particularly within hair salons, with a typical salon consuming up to 40,000kWh yearly. With hairdresser equipment and taps continually running, salons can produce a lot of waste. Businesses needs to be aware of their electricity consumption regardless of their nature or size.

Reducing your energy waste not only improves efficiency but can also boost the margins and value of your business. At Simply Business Energy, our energy experts have identified 5 simple ways to help reduce your salons environmental impact and noticeably cut down your utility bills.

Switch it off

Switching off equipment at the end of the day rather than leaving appliances on standby such as straighteners, TV’s and computers will instantly reduce energy waste and cut down the running the cost of your business. A simple method is to create a checklist of all the products that need to be switched off, this should then be made viewable to all employees and carried out at the end of the day. Alternatively you can control and monitor your salon usage via smartphone apps.

Lighting efficiency

Lighting accounts up to 25% of total electricity prices; by replacing halogen spotlights to LEDs allows small businesses to reduce their lighting energy by up to 80%, in addition to lowering maintenance costs with fewer bulb replacements required. Salon lighting plays an important factor in interior design, creating the right ambience for the customer, but also highlighting the stylists’ abilities. Salons should experiment with zoning, lighting the areas that are most frequently used.

Turn down the heating

Small business energy bills can be driven up due to heating costs. A common fault is not checking the heating timers and wasting energy that isn’t needed. Try to get your heating systems serviced regularly to ensure they are not blocked and are running efficiently. The Carbon Trust found that an average saving of 8% can be achieved by reducing your heating by just one degree. Timers should also be automatically set to switch off once they have reached room temperature, and the use of proper insulation can also significantly reduce your heating bills.

Energy Contract Management

The above consumption reduction initiatives will assist in reducing energy consumption costs, but prices can only be managed by intelligent purchasing.

Compare Suppliers & Prices– Comparing gas and electricity costs before agreeing a contract is essential, but contacting all of the suppliers and then comparing their varying structured quote formats can be time consuming and confusing.

Pro-active Contract Management– Many business energy contracts have variable rate clauses, which allow suppliers to increase costs at the end of the contract term. Due to this, some businesses have had their contracts rolled over with an increase in cost of up to 30%.

Contact our friendly team today to find out how your hair salon can benefit from choosing the right energy supplier. Alternatively, you can compare business gas and electricity prices yourself, or register for our renewal reminder service on our website to help you get the best rates for your business.

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