Reducing Small Business Electricity & Gas Costs For Food Take Away Shops

Although take away shops are often high energy users due to the catering equipment, commercial space and staffing, implementing a solid electricity and energy efficient action plan can often reduce energy costs by at least 10% and produce quick wins (source: Carbon Trust). For instance, energy prices at small businesses such as food take away shops can be reduced through effective staff training and taking control over kitchen measures.

At Simply Business Energy, our focus is give our clients the best value for their money. Following these guidelines will help your take away shop to profit from cheaper business electricity and gas bills, provided by an energy efficient kitchen.


Refrigeration costs can contribute a considerable amount towards your business energy prices. Any minor damages or irregular maintenance checks could significantly increase the cost for your take away business.

However, simple procedures such as regular checks, purchasing A - A rated units and regularly defrosting your freezer can ensure lower energy costs. Key factors to consider when using a refrigeration unit is to:

  • Make sure the operating temperature is set accordingly to maintain the quality of produce
  • Ensure equipment is checked accurately and regularly by a maintenance contractor
  • Identify any possible ice build-up and check for bleeds
  • Place refrigeration units away from any heating or radiators to ensure airflow is not restricted

Appliances and Lighting

The Carbon Trust found that food take away shops could be saving up to 20% by investing in energy efficient technologies, such as modern frying appliances. Installing low energy lighting and replacing Tungsten halogens with LEDs can reduce your energy consumption significantly.

Carrying out these simple tasks will allow your business to save on energy waste:

  • Switching off all appliances and light switches at the end of the day, set by timers or dedicated to a member of staff to carry out
  • Installing double glazed windows and ensuring doors are kept closed so heat does not easily escape
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning checks to ensure equipment is running efficiently, such as extraction fans to ensure they last longer

Hot Water

Heating and hot water can account up to 40% of your business’s energy use. Take away shops can effectively reduce energy usage by avoiding excessive heating of hot water and keeping it at the optimum stored temperature at 60°C. An efficient way to monitor hot temperatures is through meters and tap controls. Following these simple tricks could also help prevent additional costs:

  • Use alternative taps such as a spray taps - they use less hot water and therefore reduce your energy consumption
  • Ensure there are no leakages in taps, this will cause unwanted costs
  • Make sure hot water pipes are insulated to prevent heat from escaping

Energy Contract Management

The above consumption reduction initiatives will assist in reducing energy consumption costs, but prices can only be managed by intelligent purchasing.

Compare Suppliers & Prices– Comparing gas and electricity costs before agreeing a contract is essential, but contacting all of the suppliers and then comparing their varying structured quote formats can be time consuming and confusing.

Pro-active Contract Management– Many business energy contracts have variable rate clauses, which allow suppliers to increase costs at the end of the contract term. Due to this, some businesses have had their contracts rolled over with an increase in cost of up to 30%.

Contact our friendly team today to find out how your food take away shop can benefit from choosing the right energy supplier. Alternatively, you can compare business gas and electricity prices yourself, or register for our renewal reminder service on our website to help you get the best rates for your business.

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