Reducing Small Business Electricity & Gas Costs for Dentists

Energy costs within small businesses can find themselves quickly adding up. When your business relies on the use of energy to function, it is easy to overlook the factors that could be causing costs to climb.

Dental practices rely heavily on the use of energy. From electrical equipment to heat and light, they need electricity and energy to function, allowing them to provide a very important service. Like any small business, dentists should be keeping an eye on how to keep their energy costs low.

The Simply Business Energy experts have uncovered 3 steps that could be taken by dentists to reduce their gas and electricity bills.

Monitor Technology

In this digital age, technology is moving faster than ever before. New machinery and faster methods are being introduced more frequently than they ever have been - many of which are also contributing to a greener way of life.

Digital dental x-rays have provided some relief in this area. These allow dentists to use less non-recyclable materials and less energy resources without compromising on the end result. As an added bonus, digital dental x-rays are actually safer and more hygienic for patients, giving all the more reason for an updated approach.

Technology plays a big part within a dental surgery, not only through surgical equipment but also in areas of admin such as phones and monitors. By keeping an eye on these appliances, how they’re working and how they compare to others on the market, dentists can monitor their energy costs in this area much more effectively.

Watch The Water

Another component that is essential to a dental practice is water. From cleaning hands and equipment to of course, cleaning teeth, running water is an almost constant occurrence for a dentist. In order to make sure the bill doesn’t run up too rapidly, dentists can keep a conscious eye on their water usage. Ensuring that taps aren’t left running if not in use to keep bills to a minimum.

Simple Changes

For any small business, every saving helps. Heating and lighting are essential to keep a dental practice comfortable and functional for patients to use. Lighting accounts for up to 25% of energy costs, so as a dentist it is worth checking that room lighting, as well as specialist lamps are utilising energy efficient alternatives and aren’t left on when not in use.

Heating can also total up with The Carbon Trust finding that an average saving of 8% can be made simply by turning the heating down by one degree. Timers and monitoring tools can help to decrease the level of electricity and gas use at a dentist without compromising the service.

The above consumption reduction initiatives will assist in reducing energy consumption costs, but prices can only be managed by intelligent purchasing.

Compare Suppliers & Prices– Comparing electricity and gas costs for dentists before agreeing a contract is essential, but contacting all of the suppliers and then comparing their varying structured quote formats can be time consuming and confusing.

Pro-active Contract Management– Many business energy contracts have variable rate clauses, which allow suppliers to increase costs at the end of the contract term. Due to this, some businesses have had their contracts rolled over with an increase in cost of up to 30%.

Contact our friendly team today to find out how your dental practice can benefit from choosing the right energy supplier. Alternatively, you can compare small business electricity and gas prices for dentists yourself, or register for our renewal reminder service on our website to help you get the best rates for your business.

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