Reducing Small Business Electricity & Gas Costs For Bars, Clubs and Pubs

Energy consumption can be very costly for bar, club and pub owners. With a daily dependency on lighting, refrigeration services, room and water heating, a large amount of waste is produced by bars, clubs and pubs.

Reducing your business' energy waste will not only improve business competency, it can also increase financial margins and add value to your business. That’s why it is very important to make sure you and your establishment can do everything in your power to reduce your business energy costs.

Carbon Trust have found that bars, pubs and clubs could cut their energy bills by as much as 20% just by implementing some simple, yet effective energy efficiency initiatives and effectively comparing electricity and gas prices.

At Simply Business Energy, our focus is to give our clients the best value for their money. That’s why we have pinpointed some of the key methods that can help decrease your business’s carbon footprint and further reduce your utility bills.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Heating and hot water can account for up to 40% of a bar, club or pub’s overall energy usage. There are however many low and no-cost ways to keep your small business electricity and gas costs at a minimum.

A few useful tips to reduce your heating and ventilation bills:

  • Locate and monitor thermostats on a regular basis (make sure staff are trained)
  • Zoning to match building occupancy
  • Installation of a seven-day electronic time switch
  • Target 20-22%u2103 within the establishment
  • Save energy by avoiding excessive cooling within the property


Lighting is essential to provide the perfect visitor experience, especially for bars, clubs and pubs. It is possible to make sure that your customers are satisfied, while at the same time minimising business energy costs for your establishment.

Here are some tips that can help you reduce your lighting bills:

  • Install energy efficient light sources where possible
  • Consider investing in compact fluorescent products and LED lamps
  • Implement lighting control systems


Water utility bills can be expensive for bars, clubs and pubs around the country. A necessity for hospitality establishments, the overall usage of water within bars and clubs can be high. Here are a few tips on how your small business can reduce its water rates and usage:

  • Check stored hot water temperatures; the optimum temperature is 60%u2103
  • Make sure the hot water pipes within your property are insulated properly
  • Install spray water taps, as they use less hot water and energy
  • Ensure there are no leaking taps or water appliances
  • Make sure maintenance is carried out on a frequent basis
  • Consider installing seven-day electronic time switches. This will enable unnecessary usage to be cut significantly from your bill and will further reduce costs
  • Install urinal flush controls and other water conserving devices

Cellar Services

To cut business energy costs at your establishment, consider whether your staff are doing the utmost to reduce consumption. Follow these useful tips for your staff to help you save on your cellar services bills:

  • Review the condition of the refrigeration door seals throughout your establishment
  • Keep refrigerator doors closed to the maximum potential
  • Turn off refrigeration appliances that store non-perishable goods with longer shelf life
  • Always look for A - A rated units during refurbishment or replenishment
  • Install thermal insulation and draught stripping wherever needed and possible
  • Improve or alter the layout of the cooling equipment
  • Maintain optimum performance for cooling and refrigeration systems

Energy Contract Management

The above consumption reduction initiatives will assist in reducing energy consumption costs, but prices can only be managed by intelligent purchasing.

Compare Suppliers & Prices – Comparing gas and electricity costs before agreeing a contract is essential, but contacting all of the suppliers and then comparing their varying structured quote formats can be time consuming and confusing.

Pro-active Contract Management – Many business energy contracts have variable rate clauses, which allow suppliers to increase costs at the end of the contract term. Due to this, some businesses have had their contracts rolled over with an increase in cost of up to 30%.

Contact our friendly team today to find out how your bar, club or pub can benefit from choosing the right energy supplier. Alternatively, you can compare business gas and electricity prices yourself, or register for our renewal reminder service on our website to help you get the best rates for your business.

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