Business Energy Comparison - the Simply Way

Why Choose Simply Business Energy?

At Simply Business Energy, we focus on one thing - providing our clients with the best energy comparison service and help them save money. It’s as simple as that. Our energy experts provide the widest choice of prices available in the market and give clients the best value for the their money.

So, why do choose Simply Business Energy?

  • We provide honest, unbiased quotes from industry standard data and treat all suppliers equally
  • Offer the widest service coverage than any other of our competitors with the capability to provide comparisons for complex metering types.
  • Our service is completely transparent and insures our clients are completely informed when we work with them.
  • We will never ask for your email or phone details just to get a quote, we don’t need them.

Simply Supporting the Energy Market

OFGEM published a piece in 2012 called ‘Small Businesses to Get a Fairer Deal From the Energy Market’, which broke down three simple steps that consumers need to approach to get the most out of their money.

  • Access relevant market information
  • Assess the offers available and choose what is best
  • Act on the assessment of the information

This has been reiterating previous sentiments of the OFT and we completely agree, this is how we provide our clients the best quotes and give them the most value for their money.

Here’s how Simply Business Energy can deliver on all three requirements:


We access relevant energy market information and provided this unbiased information to our clients through our Knowledge Base and News Archive.

You’ll find the articles have been written by energy market professionals with unbiased information and a neutral agenda. Each of these articles are independent, easy to read and straight to the point, giving you the information you need and how it is relevant to you.

Our news features cover wholesale market movements and price changes, giving you a wider perspective of the energy industry. This helps you have a better understanding of the market and the potential if offers your business.


Our offers are available in three simple steps and allow you to choose which provider that offers you the best service for your money.

This is accessible through our online price comparison or, if you prefer, we can discuss this over the phone or email you. Through our online comparison, you can have energy price quote in minutes of starting the process. Of course, you can talk to us as well but we understand that businesses like to have a look first.

Our price comparisons are available from 12 different leading energy suppliers with over 20,000 tariff offers calculated. We make sure our comparisons are presented in a simple and clear process where you can easily understand the energy contract prices and what they offer. Feel free to have a look at a sample quote and see for yourself.


We help you act accordingly with this information, supporting you and giving you the advice you need.

At this stage, this is up to you. If you choose to switch, we can support you with this handover process. Whether online, by phone or email, we can help you with this transition through a method you are comfortable with. Through this period, we will keep you informed on the proceeding.

It is not out of the ordinary for your existing energy provider to employ tactics to keep your business. Not to worry, Simply Business Energy will explain what to do if this happens and give you advice on how to handle this situation.

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